New CA hacks [GORDON + MPGH]

[DOWNLOAD NEW UNPATCHED GORDON 1.2.6 HACK] HACK DOWNLOAD: -Instructions: 1.Download hack with winrar 2. Open it / extract to desktop 3. Open CA folder / Put in hshield folder from hack 4.Start hack then press insert for hack menu. Combat arms hackz R back! MPGH Public hack + Gordons beast 1.2.6 hack is released! [1st hack shown in video]-MPGH HACK Instructions: -Sign up for an account here: (Optional) -Download the hack on this thread. -Extract the contents of the zip/rar into your Combat Arms folder. -Rename the "MPGH Combat Arms Hack.asi" file to "anything you want".asi. -Start Combat Arms. -Press INSERT or DELETE to access the MENU. -LEAVE THANKS AND A RESPONSE, ELSE WHEN THIS GETS PATCHED I WONT UPDATE. Also helps to be active on this site(Do it!) //If you can't get them to work, install the latest .NET FRAMEWORK, Download directx from Microsoft's website and run Windows Update.//. [2nd hack shown in video]-Gordon1.2.6 Instructions: Start Hack (if on vista/7 with admin rights) Press Start Start Combat Arms (if needed start with compatible mods win 2000) Open Menu with insert/einfg key Password: gca (I didnt need to use it/maybe other people need it) ==HACK DOWNLOADS== MPGH: --REMOVED--PATCHED-- GORDON: --REMOVED--PATCHED-- Please subscribe! Have fun hacking!


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